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the kitchen ct9

empowering our community through food










We believe that community builds community; that by working together we can change things

Kimbo Coffee

A rich, premium blend of beans, predominately Arabica based with green coffees from the Americas and Asia.


The Kitchen is at the heart of the family providing warmth, and accessible to all, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together around the shared experience of food.

Pay it forward

We know that how much people have to spend on food varies widely which is why all our prices are     ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’

This means that those who can, help those who need a little support.

Our aim:

building community over the dinner table








Great Coffee


Warm Community


The kitchen ct9

Best coffee

Engaging conversation

friendliest community

its never just about food.  It’s about using it to bring people together.

To practice the art of community.  To be a place where people can share their lives with one another.


The next event

Saturday 15th february

19:00 - Late



01843 293376



3 Cliff Terrace, Margate. CT9 1UX