The Kitchen CT9

building community over the dinner table
We are a restaurant on the beautiful Margate coastline, using food surplus to fight local food poverty, and building community through the simple act of sitting down to share food together.

Welcome To Our Kitchen

Taking inspiration from the “la cucina povera”, the ‘peasant’ (or literally ‘poor’) cooking style of Southern Italy, we are a community restaurant using food surplus to help tackle food poverty in our area.
The Kitchen is about bringing the heart of the family back in to the community by providing a “home” environment, accessible to all, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together around the one thing we all have in common: food!


What We Do

We take food surplus that would otherwise go to waste and transform it into delicious meals, making good food available and accessible to everyone. We believe food waste and food insecurity are two sides of the same coin and are using one to tackle the other.

Why We Do It

We believe the sharing of food builds connections, breaks down barriers, and feeds more than just our bellies. We chose to see value in what others may discard or undervalue – both in terms of food waste and those who feel marginalised within our community.